NFT Virtual Summit

3 Day Online Event On Researching, Trading, and Creating NFT’s

Online: May 6-8th 2022

Your Complete NFT GUIDE For 2022

The NFT Virtual Summit is designed to help you learn how to invest, trade, and trend-track NFT’s like a pro. Our speakers will share the behind-the-scenes & give you exclusive insights into projects set for a meteoric rise.

Our summit is the first online masterclass exclusively dedicated to NFTs and people interested in understanding all aspects surrounding it.

You can attend this event virtually from anywhere in the world.

Interact With Some Of The Biggest Players In The NFT Space

15+ Interviews with Top NFT & Crypto Experts

100% Online With Live Networking Sessions

Exclusive Bonuses & Digital Swag Bags

Meet Your Speakers

Avery Akkineni

President of VaynerNFT

Matt Kim

Co-Founder of WithSmoothie

Matt Medved

Co-founder of NFT Now

Yam Karkai

Creator of World of Women

Kieran Warwick

Co-founder of Illuvium

Creative Director

Founder of Grillz Gang

Ian Chin

Partner at WestCoastNFT

Michael Liu

Founder of 0xWork


Manga NFT Artist

Reuben Wu

NFT Photographer 400k followers

Quintin Au

Co-founder of DAOTaiFung

George Stoitzev

Founder of BlueWorld

Teresa Melvin

12 yrs old NFT artist

Eric Mcdonald

Founder of VeeDao

Anand Lyer

How To Invest NFT Like A VC Would
To be announced soon

Jeason Ma

Co-founder of 88-rising

3 Phase System To Build Your NFT Network & Networth

What You’ll Learn When You Claim Your Ticket To The Summit

PHASE 1: Minting Your NFT Knowledge

Your NFT 101 Starter Guide

PHASE 2: Growing Your NFT Collection

Trading Secrets and Strategies to Build Your NFT Portfolio

PHASE 3: Building Your NFT Community & Future

Launching Your Own NFT & The Future of Crypto Assets

What Comes With Your Ticket

Exclusive Features Free Ticket Paid Ticket (Limited NFT)
Access to all recordings for 24 hours each day
Access to summit networking rooms
Ask speakers questions in Q&A
NFT Ticket
Access to NFT summit recordings for life
Access to guides, spreadsheet, bonuses from speakers & sponsors
Access community with special privileges

Why This Summit Is Awesome

#1 15+ Interviews with Top NFT & Crypto Experts.

Most people spend years trying to “figure it out” by themselves — and settle for a fraction they could have gotten if they were well surrounded. We did the hard work for you by organizing everything you need to know about NFT in one place.

Learn directly from NFT artists, blockchain leaders, cryptocurrency experts, and experienced traders who will share their system to make smart & educated investments.

#2 The Event is 100% Online With Networking Sessions

Attend the summit from anywhere in the world from your computer, iPad, or smartphone. No need to spend thousands of dollars flying to the event, booking your hotel room, and time away from your family.

If you claim the NFT ticket, you will have access to networking rooms & exclusive interviews from our experts!

#3 Practical & Actionable Steps Shared From Real Experts!

Although most conferences focus on theories & hard-core technology applications, our virtual summit content will be focused on delivering strategies you can use right away.

Our content is broken down to be simple to understand, easy to follow, and effortless to apply.

Meet Your Host

Eric Z. Yang

Eric is an international speaker & best-selling author specialized in helping media companies host profitable virtual summits.

He has launched over 30 virtual summits, notably co-founding, and helped gathered over 150,000 attendees across his events.

His main focus is helping NFT experts & NFT artists to share their knowledge with communities who are eager to learn from the best in the industry.

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